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and thus, the lotus blooms (และแล้ว, บัวบาน)

Chamber Ensemble | Grade 5+ | 7′ | 2020

Score + Part (Digital PDF)


Performance by TACET(i) Ensemble

Music Score

Program Note

and thus, the lotus blooms (2020)

Lotus …, the aquatic plant, rises from the soil, up through the mud, the water and to be floated upon the surface .

In many Asian cultures, lotus represents beauty, perfection, purity, enlightenment, elegance and grace. In Buddhism, there is a teaching in which Buddha said that people can be compared to four kinds of lotus: the lotus under the mud, the lotus under the water, the lotus blooms on the surface and the fully bloomed lotus above the water.

The melodic material of this composition is inspired by the tuning of Wot (โหวด), circular panpipe used in the traditional music in the northeastern Thailand. and thus, the lotus blooms is composed with or without any means of telling a story, nor does it try to depict the lotus blooming. It is just a mere glimpse and atmospheric impression of the lotus in different scenes.


– Flute
– Clarinet in Bb
– Piano
– Violin
– Cello

and thus, the lotus blooms was commissioned by the TACET(i) ensemble as a part of “New Orient Music – Score Online” supported by SCG Foundation on 20 September 2020.