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Saxophone Ensemble | Grade 5+ | 7′ | 2015, 2019

Score + Part (Digital PDF)


Performance by Bangkok Saxophone Collective

Program Note

Shadow, the dark area occurs because of the object obstructing the light source. Shadow for saxophone ensemble aims to depict the environment of atmosphere obstructed by some sort of object. In the beginning, the piece is more vague and floating like the mysterious light source. As the piece progress, the composition become more clear and direct, as if there were object(s) obstructing such light source and making the object(s) become more visible.

Shadow was selected to be performed by the Salaya Saxophone Ensemble in Strasbourg, France as a part of the 2015 World Saxophone Congress.


– 2 Soprano Saxophones
– 4 Alto Saxophones
– 3 Tenor Saxophones
– 3 Baritone Saxophones