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Kinnaree (กินรี) (Bassoon Solo, Wind Quartet and Piano)

Bassoon Solo, Wind Quartet and Piano | Grade 5 | 12′ | 2022

Score + Part (Digital PDF)


Program Note

Kinnaree (กินรี) for Bassoon Solo, Wind Quartet and Piano is a composition that drew inspiration from the character “Kinnaree”, the part human and part bird mythological characters that appeared in East Asian literature and art. The story in the composition is inspired from Pra Suthon – Manora (พระสุธน-มโนห์รา) and Canta Kinnari Jataka (จันทกินรีชาดก). Kinnaree is divided into sections follows:

  1. Introduction – The music is based on the tune of Manohra Dance of Sacrifice (มโนราห์บูชายัญ) which begin this composition and other sections in the piece are developed from this tune.
  2. Mount Kailash (เขาไกรลาส)
  3. The Dance of Kinnaree (ระบำกินรี)
  4. The Hunter (นายพราน)
  5. The Lament of Kinnaree (เสียงสะอื้นของกินรี)
  6. Death/Resurrection (ความตาย/ฟื้นคืนชีพ)
  7. Epilogue (บทส่งท้าย)

Kinnaree was commissioned by Papop Chaiprasert in 2022 and was originally composed for solo soprano saxophone, saxophone quartet and piano.